Alas A Blog I Might Stick With

This morning I became quite upset pondering about my current local.  Not  so much my house, I love my house despite it being a decrepit upstairs annex, resembling that of a similar well known Anne Frank domicile. I was irked merely because I want to live in London.  In my head I prefer to call my apartment a ‘loft’ which I find much more appealing and appropriate for my unrequited love of all things British. I do not know exactly when this love came to be, maybe fourth grade or so when I became immersed and utterly consumed by British royal lineage. It had always been a dream of mine to hunker down in London town for a good long while and spend my days doing nothing but seeing  important artifacts and buildings whilst drinking lots of beer at pubs, and biking in the gorgeous countryside. I should also mention that as I was raised in Seattle, I am familiar with the weather patterns of England as they are quite similar. In fact I think I would love to live my life in rain boots and jackets. Currently I reside in Idaho which, (as I wiggle my head in debate) is alright for the mean time.

Thankfully Idaho is a place of much land, lakes, and prime camping spots. Behind ‘villages’ with populations of no more than one hundred, lie thousands of quiet fishing holes, bald eagles, moose, and coyotes.

Log wrestling is harder than you think. Log yoga…almost impossible. (This is an attempt at downward dog)

I have a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix that also enjoys the vast expanse of Idaho, although she has also told me that she would prefer British soil in which to frolic. As a newly minted seven year old, she has become rather lazy and I feel that her time would be best spent taking in the sights of foreign lands, enjoying the occasional cup of tea while lounging on the windowsill of some upscale yet homey second story Victorian era apartment.

Yes something quite like this. I will take the Audi as well.

Rio  passed out after a weekend cabin trip.

This is my third attempt at a personal blog. My first a cooking blog, my second a health blog,  both of which turned out to be bad attempts at other peoples successful ones. As a result of my failures I have decided to stay true to myself as well as my mind and yammer on about the things I find funny, weird, or enjoyable. This is not a blog to help you lose weight, do your taxes, learn how to garden, do multiplication tables, or anything really helpful at all.  This is a blog of the light hearted conundrums of life, paired with the occasional tirade and topped with (hopefully) a bit of humor.


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