Generational Wine Loving

Lately I have become a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon and joined the ranks of all my Canadian relatives who usually have a bottle of red and white uncorked somewhere. I could live in Italy because watered down wine with some eggs is actually a really fantastic way to start the day. As my mother would say when the two of us go to the store for wine, “Oh I don’t want to look like a lush,” pointing to our shopping cart which has a couple tubs of cheese, lots of vegetables, and six or seven bottles of wine. I respond, “It’s not like we are drinking seven bottles of wine tonight.” To which she replies, “Well they don’t know that.” To which I reply, “Want me to let them know? Excuse me Sharon, my mother and I will not be indulging in all seven of these wine bottles tonight.” To which my mother whacks my arm and says, “don’t you dare.”

Me in high school,(middle one) notice the wine, notice the Catholic school attire…notice my mothers family is Irish Catholic…are we seeing themes yet?

I am not trying to advocate this kind of behavior of course, it sometimes take strong stock in order to handle the kind of wine habits that spawn from generations of other wine lovers procreating. Last night Zach, (my boyfriend as discussed earlier) had to speak at some psychology event trying to promote the graduate program to undergrads. He had class from 9:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening and had to speak at 6. This gave him one hour to kill which in turn gave us, Rio included, an hour for a picnic on the administration lawn. I got of work at 4 and headed down to campus with two spinach turkey wraps, pasta salad, and a to-go box of Cabernet Sauvignon. Rio had previously eaten dinner at home, a delightful meal of organic nuggets. Dinner was finished in a half an hour which left us with another thirty minutes to take Rio on an adventure through the arboretum.

 This is the administration lawn, a great place for a picnic in fall.

The old arboretum, I love running here in the winter. It is dead quiet except the crunching of shoes and cold breath. Very zen, very Cabernet Sauvignon.

There really is something great about having a nice dinner with a nice bottle of wine. Although I have to admit that as a student my ability to buy top shelf wines is minimal and is regarded only for festivals of birth. Thankfully mine is forthcoming in October. I have asked for a myriad of things such as; Kate Middleton look-a-like jewelry, a fluffy robe, a tea set, (for garden parties of course),  and new shoes. I have had my eye on some hiking shoes that I am in desperate need of since my camping mishap last year when one of my shoes caught on fire and melted. All I have to say is better the shoes than my face or my bum, both which I have unfortunately seen happen to other people.


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