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Rio the Dachshund


This is Rio guest blogging for my mom. I recently just set up my own Twitter account to share with you my doggy days. I know what you are thinking, “what does a dachshund have to say about anything?” You would be surprised. Since I have a working mother and father who leave me alone for six hours everyday to get into mischief, I figured I would follow in my mothers footsteps and attempt to become a world famous writer. Who knows I might post some nude photos just to go viral!

I have always had dreams of stardom, and hopefully with a few guest post, my own Twitter page, and licking up to the right people, I might achieve it.

My mom doesn’t know I’ve logged into her blog. What a dummy for writing her password down on paper. I will admit that typing with paws is rather difficult and as a result of my limited mobility, my posts will be short.

I look forward to writing to you all and if you feel so inclined to send me a sausage link or pork chop in the mail…do not hesitate.

Caught red handed in the nude! My mom won’t like this…


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