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Liz is Sick….Rio is Bored

I am so much better than this.

Hi Folks,

This is Rio. Liz (Mom) is sick. She blows her nose every minute or so and is currently sitting in a pile of her own filth and tissue. She drinks orange juice and this weird powder which I can only assume are well cut drugs.

I have hinted to her, by refusing to come out of the bed, that if she merely turned up the heat in our house, she would not have gotten a cold.  She turns it on for five minutes, turns if off, and then tells everyone to put on socks and a sweater. I hope she graduates college soon because being poor does not work for me.

I am itching to get out in this beautiful October weather and frolic. I love this time of year because it means I can be a bit more fashionable. Although Liz insists on dressing me like a lumberjack in plaid and down vests. I overheard her talking to her mother this morning about saline solution and possibly making a trip to the mall to pick me up a winter sweater. I hope it is DVF, Dog Von Furstenberg, otherwise I will not wear it.

Anyway, nothing much exciting for me to write about, I just thought I would help my mom out in her time of need and keep her blog up and running.

She’d be nothing without me and once she sees what I have done for her social media future, I better see a top of the line chicken basted bone waiting for me on the couch.

If not, the fish won’t be the only thing to go…


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