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A Little Bit About Rio

Ganja Dachshund

Hello Readers,

As exciting as it is to read about my mothers life, I know you all are far more interested in me. Not only because I am cuter, but I am older and therefore wiser and better at everything else.


Weight: 14 pounds.

Height: Do not know.

Age: 7

Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, sun tanning, partying, and watching Desperate Housewives.

Unfortunately this is my fifth home. I know what you are thinking, “what’s wrong with her?” The answer to that question is, nothing. Just a series of owners who were ill equipped to handle such an intelligent dog. They could not handle my mojo. My first owner was a single mother who, after sleepless nights with a baby and a needy puppy, she had to make a decision. Which one stays, the baby or the dog? Well she chose the baby and put me up for adoption. It did not take long for me to be swooped up, my owners brothers children wanted a puppy and so they chose me. For two years I was abused by the brother for not being obedient, and as a result of being beaten , I have trouble trusting men. The brothers mother did not like the way I was treated and took me from the house. I lived there for three years in relative bliss until the older woman could not care for me anymore. She decided to enter into a nursery facility that did not allow dogs. Upset at having to give the dog up, she begged my original owner to take me back until they could find a better owner. For six months I lived in limbo, meeting family after family, waiting for a permanent home.

Enter new mommy.

Liz came September 2011 to visit me after an ad she had seen online. I call this fate. Liz had been to the Humane Society many weekends in a row, searching for the perfect friend. I was her last hurrah.  The family agreed to let me go live with Liz that day, and since then we have become best friends. She does not get mad when I sit on the couch, she lets me sleep in bed with her for an hour every morning, and even gave me a dad. His name is Zach and is a graduate student studying Human Factors Engineering. We are three peas in a pod and I look forward to living many more years with my bff’s, hopefully in a mansion!

Maybe something like this:

I see the perfect spot for pooping.




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