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A Small Deviation from Dogs

I am looking forward to the rain. Even more so, the snow because I love waking up to a white world, eat some cinnamon apple oatmeal, drink tea, and sit in my office watching it float down. Although Rio does not like the cold, she does get a bit wild with the novelty of it. I live in a city where the winter does bring a fair amount of snow and so in order to go out for long periods of time, Rio has to wear a jacket and snow boots made specifically for paws. I don’t think she likes them but once she realizes that her paws do not freeze with them on, I think she is thankful.

One of our favorite winter activities is snow camping.  I know what you might be thinking, “camping in the snow?” You are probably also saying what my mother says, without fail, each and every time I tell her I am heading out for the weekend. “That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in my life.” Or as my father once insinuated, “drugs must be involved.” Well there are no drugs but there is a fair amount of beer and whiskey to keep warm.

On my first winter camping trip which occurred just under four years ago, I brought champagne. Which, as I think back on it, is a really ridiculous choice of drink for two days in the forest, one that looked even more stupid sitting next to my pile of summer sausage and beans.  It was a spur of the moment decision made at nine at night. I got a phone call from my then boyfriend, “Do you want to go camping tonight?” I would later on find out that that boyfriend was a really big idiot and failed theater tech. We only dated for a month.

Beautiful Idaho

Obviously I said yes and grabbed whatever I had lying around my dorm room; peach champagne, summer sausage, black beans, sleeping bad, and pillow (This is prior to Rio’s adoption).  I went two doors down, knocked on my friends door,  held up the bottle of champagne and said, “want to go to McCall?” She held up a half gallon of vodka and said, “I am not doing anything else.”


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