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Is it October?

Really? I wanted to be a princess.

When I say, finally October is here, what I mean is that the weather has finally changed enough to where the fact of leaves falling does not seem out of place in 80 degree weather. It has been a horrid summer. Wild fires surround my little town and there is always a constant layer of smoke hanging over the hills. Usually from my kitchen window I have a clear shot of Moscow Mountain, but since the beginning of August, I have yet to be able to see it in its entirety.

Rio is less excited about the rain because as a part dachshund, she would prefer a dry and lizard like life. That being said, she had recently acquired some new threads, ones that I think are particularly suitable for  the little monster. (See above photograph).

Today she almost became an ace and killed her first feline. There used to be a gigantic gray cat that lived in the basement of my house, and due to some instance in which only the cat can know, moved out. The cat now roams the streets in a 3 by 3 block radius.

It was just after my weekly grocery store run, and as I was getting Rio out of the car to get the bags, Rio lept from my arms and tore off down Lewis street towards highway 95.  In front of her was the big gray cat, spryly bouncing in front of her at maybe half speed. Rio, being the seven year old that she is, could not keep up with the cat and was forced to abandon the chase at the house down the street with the white picket fence. This fence, although not very large, was just tall enough to let the cat in and keep the dachshund out.

Out of respect for her efforts, I let her bark up a tree for a few minutes at two squirrels who where either flirting aggressively or  in the midst of a turf war. In an effort to keep this oncoming tangent small, have you ever seen a squirrel war? I witnessed one two years ago on the university campus on my way to class. There were what sounded like five or so squirrels beating each other up in an old ivy vine that scaled three stories. Everyone on campus had stopped to listen to the fight and it was truly bizarre. There would be a flash of fur here, a bushy tail there, a claw, a squeal, and the occasional banshee cry.

Here are some photos to help you imagine:

Lay off these nuts!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a squirrel.

Darth Squirrel vs. Luke Squirrel Walker


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