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And the Academy Award goes to…Rio

Rio in last summers thriller, Food Coma


Sometimes I wonder what Rio might be good at if she were required to enter the workforce. I have come to the conclusion that a career in show business would best suite her being the actress that she already is.

Once she was beaten by a rather fat cat. Rio had been taunting it for several days, chasing it up and around the house, and the cat was obviously sick of the game. Shiva, named after Lord Shiva, enticed Rio in her basement leer. Rio proud of herself for this accomplishment, went in for the butt sniff, but the cat wanted none of it.  Shiva lifted a mighty paw and with one blow clawed Rio’s face from eyelid to snout. Rio cried out in agony and I rushed to save her. While I know this must have hurt, it could not have been as debilitating as Rio had me believe.

She lay in my arms, a wounded warrior, squinting, crying, and yelping. For half an hour she suffered from what appeared to be post traumatic stress, a problem I thought might last longer than half an hour. She could not open her eye even when I tried to give her some eye drops and clean her wound. She kept if firmly clenched.

Zach, who was upstairs at the time getting a snack, wrestled open a bag a food. Rio perked up, ears alert, but eye fully closed. She knew better than that, I was watching her. It was when we were not watching her that we learned she had been fooling us. Zach was opening a bag of meat and when we turned around suddenly there was Rio both eyes wide open, tongue out.

“Liar!” I said pointing at Rio.

Her only response was to flip over on her back and close her injured eye.

Academy Award.


4 thoughts on “And the Academy Award goes to…Rio

  1. No, I had a dalmatian, but she passed away earlier this year. She behaved in ways very similar to Rio that’s why I enjoy reading what Rio does so makes me happy.

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