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Rio Guest Blog #4

    If only my snout could grow but an inch more.

Yesterday was my mothers birthday.  She celebrated the custom as many other humans do with copious amounts of food and presents, presents which I fail to understand the importance of.  A Swarovski ring? What is the purpose? I did however see the redeeming value of the fluffy robe she received.  It will make for a nice bed when she leaves it lying around. We indulged in champagne, cake, and clams, although I did not get any champagne, or clams. I was only offered a piece of the crust and whip cream off the cake. Tip:  Cyrus O’Leary your pies could use a bit more meat flavoring.

“Tell me how to beat this level.” “Not until you relinquish the cake.”

Liz went out shopping for her birthday and I was forced to have an afternoon alone with my father playing games and eating cake. He does not know how to use his elfin spells properly and needs to me to instruct him; a task I do willingly but for the price of a dollop of cream. My mother has taken to watching a show called Once Upon a Time, a suggestion Netflix made for her as a result of her obsession with BBC’s Merlin. After work Liz and Zach hunker down with a bottle of wine and watched television until they become tired or I need to use the restroom.

They do this routine somet nights between the hours of 7-10, save Friday and Saturday when they sometimes go out to this place they only refer to as “the bar.” It is an ominous name , one which I have yet to understand.   When the word comes up Liz usually groans and says something to the effect of, “do we have to?” To which Zach usually replies, “I promise it will be fun,” or “but everyone is going.” To which Liz drags her feet complaining about having nothing to wear. To which Zach replies, “You look good in everything.” To which I think to myself, “No she doesn’t.”

I am glad Liz likes to be home because we go squirrel hunting on Polk street most days. It is a lovely street with old mansions and huge oak trees. The squirrels find this street particularly nice as well and can be see often running about the roads, the power lines,  and the trees. I don’t have a picture of the street but will get some soon to show you.

Anyways, I hear my lease jingling which can only mean one thing…adventure time!





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