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Weird Dreams=Snow White&Fish

I am in the midst of attempting a novel. Somehow between two jobs, work, an internship, a bottomless pit of need aka Rio, and making sure I watch television at some point during the day, I manage to write.  All the writing and re-writing that goes on in my head and with my hands has taken a toll on my imagination. So much so that last night I had a dream all the characters from Harry Potter, The Adventures of Merlin, and Once Upon a Time where apart of the same alternate universe.

It went something like this; Bellatrix Lestrange was very upset at Snow White for some undisclosed reason.  She hired a hit man to ax Snow White while she was strolling in the forest. As it turns out, I was Snow Whites body guard and had a magical dagger that flew. The hit man managed to ax the back of Snow Whites leg and as she went down, my dagger flew out my hands and into his heart.

Somehow we managed to get Snow White to a train station, which looked suspiciously like one shown in The Office. The train cars were not all that they seemed but were secret passage ways to a castle. There was a truce made between the kingdoms of Bellatrix and Snow White, and there was supposed to be a hand shaking ceremony at the top of Bellatrix’s castle. It turned out that the truce was really a sting and upon entering castle Bellatrix managed to stab Snow. My dagger managed to kill many of the people in the castle but failed to reach Bellatrix who had poofed into a magical smoke and disappeared.
From there we found ourselves in Merlin’s kitchen. Merlin told me to mix snake powder) beer, and flour in a dish.  Somehow bacon appeared in the dish and when I over stirred it, the bacon yelled at me.
“Too much!” It screamed making me fling the whisk.
Meanwhile as I had been stirring the potion, Merlin had turned Snow White into a filet of fish. He informed me that the potion would only take if Snow White was a fish.
This is when I woke up and realized that Merlin was making fish and chips out of Snow White.

Some fairy tale.


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