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Animals are Awesome!

I think I have an addiction to browsing the web in pursuit of all that is cute and fluffy. The other night before I headed out for dinner I found myself holed up in my office, with Rio sitting on my lap, watching videos of wild animals reuniting with their human owners who had raised them. After an hour and a half Zach walked in to find me crying over a video of a man finding his gorilla who he had reintroduced into the wild. I looked back up at Zach, mascara running down my face, Rio licking away my salty tears, his friend Casey meanwhile peeking his head into the office;

“This weird.” He said, immediately backing out of the office.

That night I signed several ASPCA petitions, donated money to abused dogs, signed a pig freedom bill for Vermont even though I do not live anywhere near Vermont, which might be perjury , we shall see, and instigated a Facebook riot amongst certain Idahoan bumpkins.

I saw a photo of what appeared to be wolves, shot dead. Over their bodies lie two large black rifles with the caption, Great Day. So I chuckled to myself and asked the question;

“So do you guys eat the wolves after you shoot them?”

“They aren’t wolves’ idiot.” Said one bumpkin, with several others clicking the thumbs up ‘like’ symbol.

“They’re coyotes.” Said another, followed by similar thumbs up.

“Pretty much look the same. And the question still applies. Do you eat the coyotes after you shoot them?” I asked.

This comment was followed by accusations of “being a hippy” among other slanders which really turned out to not be slanders at all.

I am not a member of PETA. I like a good steak like any other but I do think that if you are planning on taking the life of something, you should use it for a purpose other than hanging it above your fireplace or turning it into a blanket I think as the species with the highest intelligence, humans need to take responsibility of that role. We can learn a lot from animals and I think we should respect the role they have on earth. I am not suggesting that we throw up our guns in the air and run naked through the forest but we should be cognisant of our effect on everything.   . Of course dogs do not have to same anthropomorphisms that humans tend to give them (although Rio does because she writes a blog) but they do show love, affection, desire, protection, fear and many other very human emotions. Watch the video below and you can see the love the gorilla has for his old friend.


5 thoughts on “Animals are Awesome!

  1. I was watching “Fast Food Nation” yesterday and the ending scene (as a warning: it’s extremely graphic) of how they kill the cows just made me so heartbroken. You are so right about animals showing love, affection, etc. and (although I too am not a hippy or PETA member) it truly is our responsibility as humans to be aware and compassionate.

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