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Rio on a Squirrel Bender

I am fairly sure she is looking out the window for squirrels. I feel so used.

October has officially come and gone. It is always disturbing to see grocery stores, at the stroke of midnight on November 1st, go from witches and vampires to Santa Clauses and candy canes. Since I am in America, Thanksgiving break is only two weeks away. It comes at a much needed time when the monotonous lifestyle of work and school gets extremely BORING.

Rio will be spending Thanksgiving with Zach in Idaho Falls, Idaho,as I am unwilling to pay the extra 400 dollars to fly Rio back home to Seattle for the holiday. I did that last year and it was a difficult process, one that Rio did not appreciate because she had to be stuffed under the seat in front of me and the plane was very warm. Poor pooch was panting profusely.  For Thanksgiving I will be spending two days at my parents home,and then driving up to Vancouver Canada to visit my moms side of the family. Since I have dual citizenship, Canadian and American, I have spent a lot of time up north and hope that someday I can move there for good.

Lately Rio has been on a squirrel bender and since my living room window is directly eye level with the power lines, Rio can always see when a squirrel is attempting to travel along it. She perks up once she sees it wiggle and darts off my lap to the window. She starts with this really intense, high pitched whine,which then develops into this screaming, eradict panicky whimpers.

It is so loud, but incredibly funny that we do not make her stop. She then puts her paws up on the window and starts crying. I know she wishes she could speak at this point because what she has to say is to intense that barking or wagging her tail will not do. Once she has seen the squirrel, she will not stop. The only thing that might sedate her is a walk, but if the walk if less than an hour, it only ignites her fire further and we are forced to either take her on another longer walk or witness her sitting in front of the windows all day long. Frankly it is getting worse. I fear that the only thing that might fix her issue is if she were to actually kill a squirrel.

I think she feels mocked that she has to be on a lead and cannot run up the entirety of a tree. Rio is an incredibly active and athletic dog, and could foreseeably run for hours. Usually after we take her walking or hiking for she still wants more. If Rio were not such a squirrel fiend  I would like to bike along side her as she ran; that way we could go farther for much longer. But Rio is to crazed for this. At the mere sight of something small or large but furry, I would never see her again.


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