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Barnum and Bailey Might Have a New Star


As I have previously noted, Rio is an adopted dog. Due to the amount of homes she has lived in, she has a natural fear of separation; a fear that while getting better, comes in out in sometimes humorous ways. Last Spring Break I dropped off Rio to stay the week with my father while my Mother, Zach, and I went to California. As we were pulling out onto the freeway, heading south to the airport, my mother realized she had forgotten her wallet at home.

The dogs, Dexter, Stuart, and their cousin Rio had been placed on the second story of my parents three story house. There are two flights of stairs from the second floor to the first floor and one small landing with a large vase separating the two. My dad was at work at the time, so he asked if the dogs could be crated till he got home. I do not crate Rio because she is pretty good at keeping her bodily functions in check until I can get home to take her out. But since this was her first time meeting Dex and Stu, I thought it might be a good idea as well as I have mentioned that Dexter is a notorious mob boss with a penchant for international crime.

Rio was placed in a tent crate of sorts. It was an orange and black octagonal mesh play pin with a zipper on the top and the bottom. She was set next to Dex and Stu in the pantry which has been morphed into the dogs ‘bedroom’, and given two liver biscuits to munch on while she waited to be let out. We said goodbye, gave the dogs kisses and told them we will see them in a week.

We ended up coming home only ten minutes later and when my Mother opened the front door she found Rio inside of her crate, two little black eyes frightful and wondering staring up at my her as she put her hands on her hips, “and how did you get down here?” She asked. Zach and I got out of the car amazed, “did we have a circus dog?” Turns out, Rio somehow figured out how to roll the octagon pen around like a hamster wheel and managed to pump it down the whole two flights of stairs while avoiding knocking over my mother’s huge ceramic vase. I should have know she would do something like this, I mean the dog can open screen doors, steal apples out of the fruit bowl and eat them like a human, and take the top of a child proof vitamin bottle.


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