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Rio=Angel? Probably Not.

But I thought I was an angel?

Thanksgiving was a success. Even though I was Rio-less, Zach has informed me that she indulged heavily on the family ham. She came back with a few treats, new leashes (since we have a habit of losing, leaving, misplacing, and replacing most her leashes, and a portable travel bowl, one that will come in very handy during camp trips.

Zach and Rio picked me up from the airport yesterday, and although I was obviously elated to return home to my dog, she had a less than subtle chip on her shoulder. She gave me evil eyes the majority of the ride home, despite me sharing much of my chicken sandwich with her. She didn’t warm up to me until late last night when she eagerly started chewing on the bone that I had given her.

When I went home for my lunch break this afternoon, she still seemed to be shunning me, darting death glares out of the corner of her eyes. After I decided to ignore her, eat my salad and not vie for her attention, I would like to think she realized that she was hurting my feeling. But as all dogs go, she probably just realized that when I felt no love from her, she did not get any of my lunch.Eventually Rio leapt into the air and landed on my stomach, rolling over on her back, tail wagging, eyes sparkling, and I knew she had forgiven what she perceived as my abandonment.

We will have to see what she is like when I get home in twenty minutes…

I can only hope it will not turn out to be a little house of horrors, a scene I have seen many times before when Rio retaliates through means of thievery, namely but not solely donuts and Ghirardelli’s chocolate squares. Thankfully I keep benzyl peroxide around, and shoot her ten cc’s of it in case she decides to steal something that a dog should not have.

Two weeks or so ago I was very sick with the flu and was not able to take her out for her usual hour long romps. I left her alone for about half an hour as I went to the store to buy chicken noodle soup, and came home to quite the scene. I could lie and say Rio is the best dog ever and never misbehaves, but as anyone with a pet or a child or a pet who takes the place of a child knows, dogs can be bad.

In my bedroom lay a pile of poop. In the hallway lie two half eating donuts, one maple bar, one bear claw. On top of the maple bar was a hobo spider, who, obviously enticed by the sweet aroma and easily accessible treat, decided to come out to play. I have lived in my apartment for seven months and this was the first spider I had seen

On the couch crouched Rio, covered in flaky sugar, whiskers and paws sticky with maple frosting…good thing I walked her this morning otherwise I would be bracing myself for what awaits me after work.


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