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Paragon Dental Chews

Zach and I took Rio to the pet store to get more treats and dog food. The sales man there talked us into getting these really cute alligator and hedgehog chews that are supposed to help tartar control. He said his dachshund and his jack russel loved them and so did the managers larger dog. He told us that his jack russel and his dachshund take half an hour to forty five minutes to get through the smaller sized treat.

Well my dachshund/jack russel is apparently a monster because she tore through it in about four minutes. I am not sure how much it helped her teeth since she went through it so fast, but she certainly loved the taste. They are gluten free as well as vegetarian among other things. Zach tried one, (not the whole thing) to see how it tasted and he said it had a small sweet hint to it but not much else. I am surprised that Rio ate it, but turns out she is obsessed. She knows where we hide her bones and chews and spent most of yesterday evening standing on her  hind legs trying to get closer to it. I read some reviews and a few people said that they made their dogs pretty sick with vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog has a sensitive stomach I would not let them finish it all in one sitting until you see how it effects them.



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