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Rio the Dachshund is now on the almighty FACEBOOK

Hello all,

This is Rio speaking from under the covers due to the chill that no amount of heaters or doggy sweaters can defeat. Liz and I have decided to work from bed this morning, but Liz looks like an idiot because she has no night stand and can’t set her coffee down when she wants to type. She has it wedged between her teeth right now, something that if Zach saw, he would say, “woah, Liz, liquids and electronics, careful.”

But I digress.

What I came here to say is I am now on Facebook. I know what you might think, why does a dog need a Facebook? Truth be told, I don’t. In fact it is kind of silly. But it is fun nonetheless and, (Liz just  spilled on herself) I am a dachshund who likes to have fun.

If you feel compelled to check it out, please do so here!

I only started it yesterday so it is a bit naked. Feel free to like it and make it unnaked!

Dachshund Pride!

Dachshund Pride!




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