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Le Sausage has Left the Building

Well, mi amor and mi sausage departed this morning bright and early for a nine hour drive to Zach’s parents house. I have to say I am pathetic, and cried. I just can’t help it; I love the sausage and yes, the man too 🙂

I wish flying with dogs wasn’t so darn expensive. Last year, Rio’s ticket cost more than mine, which is something I find odd since she occupied neither a seat nor had a complementary glass of wine. I love the complementary glass of wine.

From where I live I have to take one of those rickety planes that fly like you are inside of an empty tuna can. Most woman knuckle their seats or their flying partners the entire flight, and in fact I have seen some men do it too. I think this is the reason that I love the free booze they provide. In fact, maybe they have to provide it or everyone would be too afraid to board if there was no promise of liquid relaxant.



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