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What Would the Dog Do? (WWTDD)

This morning I started looking at pictures of dogs sleeping because well, like I said it is vacation and I have nothing better to do. This endeavor sequestered into a forty five minute hunt for photos of dogs playing with species quite different from their own.

We could learn something from these photos. Especially me, considering the one year I spent living with six girls, six girls who I considered to be a much different breed than I; think major A type cat lovers with a major B type dog lover (hint: I am the dog lover).

Instead of learning to get along and except their annoyances, I developed psoriasis brought on by stress, and I am positive the experience took some time away from my life span. I should have harnessed the dog within me, realized that these girls were not bad or evil, just different. A very different breed that liked to emotionally torture their prey 🙂

Next time you are pissed or don’t like someone, ask yourself; What would the dog do? (WWTDD)

However if you plan on chewing the couch or peeing on the carpet, never mind,  just look at these pictures and smile!



sleepingontop lion crazy

play_teamghostrider_576 IMG_5722 otter monkey-dog_1947208i monkeyanddog dog-and-deer-playing-ball


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