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Life Without Rio

I have to admit that it is hard to have a blog with a dog who is 500 or so miles away from me. I can’t write about the weird things that she does and therefore am forced to rely on what Zach tells me about her whereabouts. Here are some texts from last night:

Public Disclaimer: These texts have been modified for your enjoyment. The spelling and phrasing has been edited due to Zach’s intake of beer.

Zach: Boscow does love Rio. He doesn’t leave her. When she is in my lap, he is by my feet.

Me: I know! So cute 🙂 Is Rio liking him back?

Zach: She is playing hard to get. But Keeley picked up Boscow a bit ago and Rio went at her. She couldn’t hold back her emotions. We were wondering what the mix of them would be.

Me: Well Rio is hawwwwwwwwt.

Zach: She is.

Me: They would have weird offspring.

For the record: I believe Boscow to be a boxer, pitbull, bull dog type of mix. But I could be wrong.

I took the liberty of Googling what a dachshund bulldog mix would look like, it is apparently called a bulldach…

I have seen worse.

I have seen worse.

Like this...

Like this…



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