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Diets and Snow

Well everyone is back where they should be. Although Rio has recently developed rolls in places a dog should not have rolls, and must now be put on a diet.. The poor pooch does not understand why her treats have been decreased and why she has to walk in the snow considering she hates both the idea of less food, and being cold. She finds this new chapter in her life to be unusual and she is all together unimpressed.

Last night the three of us went to the park to build a snow man and Rio was less than stoked about having to sit in the snow. Good thing Zach is a gentleman and gave Rio his coat to sit on. She pouted for the duration of a our snow ball rolling, stacking and facial feature finding.



Our old snow woman affectionately known to us as Girdy.

Our old snow woman affectionately known to us as Girdy.

If you are looking to drop a few pounds, snow ball rolling is a calorie busting exercise in which you learn to dislike down jackets and heavy snow boots.

That is the awesome thing about having a dog. They are like half-children that make you get out of your house and into the outdoors. We might be in our midish-twenties, but the joy of building a snow man or a having a snow ball fight is not lost on us!



7 thoughts on “Diets and Snow

  1. Oh man… poor dog, was she also shaking? My dog shakes like he is going to explode. It’s funny but pathetic as we never have snow where I live, ever. You don’t know cold munchkin. We should trade dogs for a bit, I will not feed your dog tons of treats and you can make my dog not be such a baby.

      • He is a mutt, but for sure he is Jack Russell mixed with Chihuahua. When he is at all uncomfortable the Chihuahua side of him comes out and he shakes like a rattle. One day I caught him standing in front of our open door, looking out past the screen watching the rain shaking. I moved him and he looked ever so thankful. He is a weirdo, but he’s a great dog just the same.

      • Haha I figured it would be a Chihuahua once you mentioned the shaking. But sounds cute! You should have him write a guest blog for LizandRio.

      • HAHA I think I will. My boyfriend and I talk for him all the time in a very unique voice, Mike was telling me the other day that it’s really strange how Dax (our dog) has his own sayings like “You know,” and “I will knock your eyebrows off.” I never thought to write for him.

      • Haha. Nice! Well if you want or have time, just write something funny up and I will post it on LizandRio and put a link to back to your blog!

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