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I know…bad blogger bad

Sorry all, Liz&Rio have been busy busy busy. I recently was hired for a new job which means…more money for one more dog, but which also means when I get home, I take Rio for a walk, make dinner, and am then certified sleepy.

Zach wants a staffordshire bull terrier and from what I have seen of Bosco, aka Rio’s boyfriend, they are sweetie pies who like to pee on their girlfriends and incessantly stiff the buttock region.

I will be glad to welcome a new dog into the family, as Rio is in need of a guardian and protector for when she attacks Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees, and wolves.

I have had small dogs all my life, as you can see in some of the  pictures below of Christmas with Dexter the pekingnese/pomeranian, Stuart the dachshund, and Mafalda the doxie. It will be an adventure getting another dog, a dog that Zach says, “I will be in charge of. No coddling.” Me and Rio wink behind his back because we know, coddling will inevitably be a part of the dogs life. As my sister says, “you have this gross dog energy. You make them crazy.”

Maybe, but at least they are loved 😉



My Nephew  Baby E

My Nephew Baby E

What kind of dog is this?

What kind of dog is this?



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