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SoCal, Spring Break, Sulfur?

Yesterday Rio had to say goodbye to her cousin Mafa who is on her way to the sunny shores of San Diego.  Her mother (my sister), her father ( my brother-in-law) and her brother (my nephew-the cute and ever cuddly Baby E) headed out this afternoon for the 3 day drive to SoCal. Since it is snowing here, I am going to admit that I am jealous and would love the chance to sun tan in 80 degree weather. For those of you who are reading this in sunny weather, I am jealous of you too.

But all is good because SPRING BREAK is in two weeks!

Where did I decide to go you might ask?

Oh, Canada of course.

I know what you are thinking, “didn’t you just complain about snow?”

Yes, I did.


Canada is a magical land full of hot springs…which is where I will be…chilling with Europeans in sulfur water.

Some of you might think that does not sound very spring break like, but I like to come back to work/school relaxed and refreshed, not with the worlds biggest and longest lasting hangover, which as I recently found out, I do not need to be on spring break to experience that.

Wine parties are tough work.


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