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I am Bacccckkkk….

Ok so maybe dachshunds hibernate too…

A lot has changed since our last post. New city, new job, new life. My mother and I have moved backed to our ancestrial roots and are enjoying the hub bub of big city living. Gone are the days of farm land living, we have arrived in style. I got a new harness, a new lease, and scented poop bags…chic darling, chic.I have also gained five pounds…so I may appear a bit fatter when compared to earlier photos. But you know, some things are worth being fat for…aka salami…that is most certainly worth the newly situated baggage that sits around my hips.

I also want to apologize for the MIA act I have pulled. How unprofessional! I have so much to say, so much to fill you in on. Just know that your next few weeks will be saturated with all things weiner.

I leave you now for the night with this photo; may it bring joy, delight, and excitement for this new and exciting chapter of Liz&Rio.

And yeah that is four dachshund lunching with a lion.

article-2330367-19F8DB47000005DC-223_634x435.jpg (634×435)


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