InfoWoof: Health

Breed: Jack Russel:This is from the Animal Planet website. It gives good information and background into the nature and abilities of the dachshund: InfoWoof#6


Breed: Dachshund: This is from the Animal Planet website. It gives good information and background into the nature and abilities of the dachshund: InfoWoof#5


Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs: Although I never leave her unattended with a bone because of the choking hazard, Rio has managed to swallow large pieces and it can be really scary. I have learned to only let her chew the tops of the bones because once she gets to the bottom, she gets frustrated and wants to swallow it whole. There are potential choking hazards besides bone, so learning how to save your dog when he or she is choking is very important: InfoWoof#4


Drinking: This is something that I am worried about with Rio. She can be very picky about which bowl she drinks out of, and if we are traveling and her bowl is packed, getting her to drink water out of something she is unfamiliar with can be tricky. Here is some information on how much a dog should be drinking: InfoWoof #1

dog drinking fountain

Walking: Rio loves loves loves walking. I once took her on a seven mile run and at the end she looked up at me and was like, “that was all?” Walking is a form of stress relief for dogs and it very important to do breed research before you chose a dog to understand its needs. Here is an article from CNN on walking: InfoWoof#2 


Dog Psychology: Something I have pondered with Rio is what she perceives when she stares at me. Usually I think it is because she wants me to do something or as Zach and I joke, it is her soul stare. Sometimes she will sit intently on the other side of the couch, by the window, or on your lap standing upright with paws on your chest. She is the most thoughtful looking dog I have ever had, and with her, I have a  very special sense of friendship. This bond goes far beyond her relying on me to feed her, walk her, or take her out to the bathroom. This study takes look at  how dogs see and think about their humans by training a dog to use an fMRI and looking at a dogs brain activity. InfoWoof#3



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